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About LBDC

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We are a collaboration of leading organisations spanning Healthcare and Academia committed to applying the potential of big-data in Healthcare.

Through optimal application of big data in the most appropriate settings we are dedicated to improving clinical and operational effectiveness, enabling new research insights each improving patient outcomes whilst supporting progression towards a wellness model of healthcare.

LBDC has developed a tiered and phased strategy designed to rapidly provide early benefit realisation whilst progressively developing momentum, capability, funding and engagement to realise the full vision.  

The vision involves formation of a jointly owned big data informatics facility dedicated to realising the full potential of big data for operational, clinical and research purposes all centred on improving patient outcomes.

In the interim period smaller scale infrastructure, and/or third party provided capability will be used for initial big data applications ensuring use-cases can be developed and deployed alongside research pilot projects ahead of the full informatics hub being in place.

The big data informatics facility (or informatics hub) will include core informatics infrastructure, data safe-haven and data science capability alongside the operational and commercial management to operate as an effective self sustaining collaborative enterprise.  

To realise the vision, the strategy involves five core themes as shown in the diagram opposite, underpinned by five enabling themes including:

The application of big data in healthcare and related research offers huge potential for patients, clinicians, healthcare providers, commissioners and researchers alike.  

But realising this potential is not straight forward.  It demands combinations of skills, data sets and resources typically beyond any one organisation and it requires an integrated strategy, methodology and programme to develop, fund and apply the joint capability.  

The Liverpool Big Data Collaboration (LBDC) has been formed to address these challenges - ensuring the benefit of big data in healthcare can be effectively realised on a region wide basis.


Ensuring the power of big data can be effectively realised for patient benefit across the region.  

LBDC was established following a broad based big data strategy development process undertaken during 2013, designed to analyse the opportunities and challenges involved and to develop the strategy, methodology and programme to realise the potential.  

The programme was initiated by Royal Liverpool University Hospital Trust involving the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Health Partners, the North West Coast ASHN and Liverpool CCG.  Through consultation and workshop participation this also included representation from other local trusts and the scientific community.  The programme was supported by strategy consultants from Ignetica.  


Based on an inclusive analysis & strategy development programme


Delivering early big data benefit realisation whilst developing the capability to realise the full vision.  


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Data infrastructure

Data science capability

Data sets & IG

Strategy & programme

Funding & incubation

Research engagement

Use-case engagement

Governance & mgt

Type of Use

Benefit tier



Clinical Research

Pure Research

Use cases


Data access

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An integrated programme to collaboratively realise the vision.  


Production based use-case applications alongside research projects

Data Sets and Information Governance

Funding (programme, use-cases & facilities)

Strategic Engagement & Communications

Initial Use Cases (incubation)

Informatics hub analysis & planning

The LBDC programme has been designed to deliver the strategy alongside early benefits realisation from use-cases and research pilot projects.  

In phase one, strategic engagement across the region is a core focus whilst addressing central data/IG issues, establishing medium term funding and developing a portfolio of initial big data use-cases to deliver early beneficial results.  

In parallel and flowing into phase two, work will progress on planning the informatics hub and seeking funding for the same. This is a sizeable project involving data infrastructure, data science resourcing, initial data profiling and pilot data (research) projects.


Flowing from the success of the first phases and in particular securing the necessary funding to develop the capability, the programme will move into facility implementation.  Beyond this the hub will become an operational business unit and management will move from programme level to operational.  

The LBDC programme enables the power of big data to be realised for operational, clinical and research benefit, all ultimately focused on improved patient outcomes.

Research is enabled by the available and governed datasets, coupled with the advanced analytics ability to derive new insights on multiple levels.  But it is full use cases which take this to a robust production scale for operational and clinical applications.

Use-cases are delivered through robust, scalable algorithms and analytic models which automate production of  predictive analytics such that the insights can be used in close to real time with patients at the point the predictive insight is needed.

As shown in the diagram to the left, the benefit of the LBDC programme can be seen in tiers from data access, through advanced analytics, to production scale use-cases.  Each build on the former and apply to different degrees based on the type of use involved.

Use cases and research applications are at the core of the LBDC.

Collaboration is essential for the effective application of big data in healthcare.  It is also at the heart of the LBDC strategy.

We hope others will join us on this journey and we would welcome the opportunity to engage with organisations regionally, nationally and internationally on a variety of strategic themes from big data use-cases, through funding and allied initiatives to informatics hub planning and development.

To learn more, to be kept informed of the developments, or to get in touch directly please use the links to the right.  We look forward to collaboratively realising the LBDC vision.


Committed to collaboration regionally, nationally and internationally

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